“Sara is a creative teacher. Each class is imaginatively designed to provide a thorough workout. Classes are always varied and balanced, even when she focuses on a specific part of the body, e.g. shoulders, in response to specific requests.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.” Judy

“I look forward to Sara’s Pilates class every week, they are a good mixture of exercise and relaxation and I always sleep well afterwards. I can highly recommend them, as well as her monthly stretch classes – I’m always terrible about stretching after I do any exercise and this puts me back on the right track!” Rachel

“Just nodyn i ddweud gymaint fi’n joio’r yoga a Pilates. Mae’r zoom yn berffaith i fi yn byw draw man hyn ac efo’r trafferth amlwg!
Dwli ar y stwff balans nawr mod I’n gallu sefyll ar un goes, licio’r routines a’r bit efo’r pel tennis!” Idris

“They are a ‘must go to’ not a ‘maybe go to’ class for me ” Cathryn

” As a newcomer to Pilates I’ve really appreciated the detailed instruction and guidance- When to breathe (or not!). What part of the anatomy to focus on during an exercise (abs, pelvic floor, upper back) And the occasional moments of humour! I think I’ve improved and I can nearly stand on one leg without wobbling about. definitely an improvement in my back, core strength and general flexibility” Anon

“Good teacher, great classes! My core strength and flexibility have improved greatly in the three years I have been attending Sara’s Classes…they have allowed me to do so many other things because the back problem I had is not an issue, due to the core strength that has been developed” Peter

(Teaching style “Excellent. Engaging, knowledgeable, encouraging….good energy too. Even if I’ve had a stressful day, I always feel better after a class. ” Marcella

“I’ve only been going for a couple of weeks, but I like the recognition that the experience is different for everyone…Excellent (teaching style)-good movement description and commentary.” Anon

“My flexibility has improved so much since I started. It has really helped to improve my surfing and overall well being. Classes always feel positive and with great energy from Sara” Leri

“Excellent (teaching style)-nice, friendly and relaxed..gets us to work hard and achieve wonders” Nia

“…Consistent, encouraging, clear. (Classes)are well organised with lots of variety” Michele

“Very friendly and supportive. Explains and demonstrates thoroughly. Great at observing and encouraging people to push further!” Matthew

“As an amateur triathlete, I was used to having an aching back from all my training. Regular Pilates sessions with Sara, have all but eliminated that enabling me to train harder and recover quicker. I have noticed a marked difference in my strength and flexibility…and have posted faster times this year than ever before!” Jon

I have noticed improvements in my core stability and in particular my flexibility. when I started I couldn’t touch my calves let alone my toes.” Ena